In a new study from Greece, people with systemic rheumatic diseases, such as lupus, who received the COVID-19 vaccine experience better outcomes than unvaccinated people with similar disease.

Researchers examined a group of 195 people who contracted the virus, comprised of 147 who were unvaccinated and 48 who received at least one vaccine dose.

Differences in terms of COVID-19 outcomes were evident. Those who were unvaccinated (27.9%) required oxygen supplementation compared to one dose (14.6%) and fully vaccinated (10.3%) people. No vaccinated people required invasive ventilation versus 2.7% of unvaccinated individuals. Additionally, 29.3% of unvaccinated people required hospitalization, while only 21% of partially and 10.3% of fully vaccinated people needed hospital-based care. Six unvaccinated people died and there were no deaths among vaccinated people.

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