New research finds people with class III, IV and V lupus nephritis (LN) or kidney disease share 52 gene expressions and molecular pathways. There are six classes within the LN classification system and treatment is driven by disease classification.

Using NanoString technology, investigators studied immune and information genes in kidney biopsy tissue samples of people with LN class III, IV and V. Gene analysis revealed 52 common gene expressions and pathways. Additionally, further analysis using the same technology revealed presence of biomarkers found in inflammatory cells (type 1 interferon, complement and MHC II molecules). Their presence was most common in class IV LN. Class IV biopsy samples also exhibited increased cellular activity of the protein NF-kB which is involved in immune and inflammatory processes in the body.

Insights into the molecular pathways and inflammatory molecules of kidneys using NanoString technology can lead to better understanding of kidney disease and more targeted treatments for those living with LN. Learn about lupus nephritis.

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